Network ready wide range service management and scheduling program designed for businesses with complex scheduling issues. Elimate needless drive time, missed appointments, double-bookings or worse cancelations. Automatically schedules all jobs/tasks only to those who are qualified and available, organizing assignments within the same location. Reoccuring scheduling, drag/drop, invoice jobs, track payments and integrates with QuickBooks.

Publisher description

ScheduleEZ PRO is a network ready, wide range service management and scheduling program designed for businesses with complex scheduling issues. For years, service oriented businesses have struggled with scheduling their jobs to meet the needs of customers, departments and employees in a timely manner. Often, jobs are missed, double-booked or worse, canceled, because of inefficient scheduling. ScheduleEZ virtually eliminates these problems and more. ScheduleEZ helps insure no more missed, double-booked or canceled jobs. Map job locations and route schedules with driving directions. ScheduleEZ was designed so that there is virtual no learning curve. Clear concise screens and simple one button clicks that automatically schedule all jobs, assigning only those who are qualified and available, making it so that even novice computer users can create efficient schedules in seconds. If you do reoccurring services, set all your schedules all at once. Tell ScheduleEZ what days, how many (who/what) you want schedule, even specify the week of the month and ScheduleEZ will do the rest. When telephone lines are busy, jobs can be typed directly into scheduling screens and then turned into jobs later, even creating new customers at the same time. Nothing gets missed. ScheduleEZ is also set up so that you define, who and/or what you are going to schedule. Do you schedule crews, departments, people, machinery, or all... whatever you schedule, ScheduleEZ handles all the schedules and assignments for you. Of course, you can always adjust, by simply dragging, dropping, cut, copy and pasting schedules. Job Invoicing and Job Payment processing and tracking right from ScheduleEZ. Email/export Invoices, work orders any reports. For companies that use QuickBooks, ScheduleEZ has made the synchronization process simple. Just set when you want it to synchronize and it will do it for you automatically.

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